Chicago and Dallas/Ft. Worth Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyers

It is strictly illegal to manufacture any drug unless you are licensed by state and federal authorities. If you have been accused of manufacturing a controlled substance, it is important you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney from Toro Law Office. In most cases, drug manufacturing cases relate to illegally growing marijuana or making methamphetamine. However, it can apply to any situation where a narcotic or controlled substance is being manufactured without approval of state and federal authorities.

Before we go any further, it is important to understand what drug manufacturing is for purposes of criminal charges. This type of crime applies to any person, or group of people, who are involved in any part of the process of creating an illegal drug. This could include combining different chemicals to create LSD, “cooking” methamphetamine, or growing marijuana plants illegally. It is important to keep in mind that even offering to help someone with the manufacturing process could put you at risk of being charged with a serious crime.

Top Considerations of Drug Manufacturing

To be convicted of drug manufacturing, or the intention to manufacture a drug illegally, prosecutors must be able to prove that you were not only in possession of the drug, but you intended to manufacture it. Possession of the elements that are needed to make a drug are not enough on its own to be considered a manufacturing charge. These types of cases are quite complicated, as the laws and regulations pertaining to drug manufacturing (particularly marijuana), differ from state to state. For example, under federal law, growing less than 50 marijuana plants may result in up to five years in prison. However, states such as Colorado have legalized the recreational use and cultivation of marijuana, allowing even non-medical users to cultivate six or fewer plants. It is not clear how enforcement of federal laws will be carried out against those who manufacture marijuana in legalized states. Due to the complex nature of manufacturing crimes, it is imperative you retain the services of a criminal defense attorney who understands the laws in your state.

If you find yourself facing a manufacturing charge in Illinois or Texas, contact experienced drug manufacturing defense attorney Moises Briseño and Associates at Toro Law Office immediately to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. We are a boutique law firm specializing in many different areas of law, including criminal defense and drug manufacturing. We speak fluent English and Spanish and are dedicated to helping individuals of all different backgrounds. We are compassionate and take an aggressive approach to your case, doing everything we can to have your manufacturing charges dropped. To learn more about manufacturing charges in Illinois or Texas, please contact Toro Law Office today to discuss your options.