Chicago and Dallas/Ft. Worth Immigration Deportation Lawyers

Facing deportation from the United States is one of the most intimidating and scary experiences a person will ever go through. If you or a member of your family has been scheduled for a deportation or removal hearing, it is imperative you retain the services of a knowledgeable attorney right away. It is important you are as truthful and forthcoming with your attorney as possible, as the information you give your attorney will directly impact your case. At Toro Law, we understand that returning to your home country may not be an option. Therefore, we are dedicated to every client and will do everything we can to defend you from deportation or removal. Our lawyers have the experience and skills necessary to handle tough deportation and removal appeals cases throughout the federal system in Illinois and Texas. Additionally, because immigration law is federal, our office can handle these cases throughout the United States. We have successfully handled many different types of immigration cases, including those involving families, criminal convictions, asylum, U-Visas, green cards, and more.

An estimated 700,000 people are currently in deportation proceedings before immigration judges throughout the United States. In the event an immigration judge denies your case, you will have 30 days to appeal the decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). If the BIA denies your appeal, you may be able to challenge this decision with the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals. However, your best bet is by having a strong immigration attorney on your side. While the goal of any immigrant is to avoid deportation, we are seeing these types of cases occur more often than ever. Deportation and removal cases are often difficult to fight, and our attorneys are committed to exploring all available options to defend your case and keep you and your family in the United States.

Reasons for Deportation

There are six main categories or grounds for deportation outlined by the U.S. government, including:

  • Entering the country without the necessary authority
  • Violating the terms of admission to the country
  • Past or present criminal convictions
  • Individuals who are members of certain prohibited organizations or groups
  • People who have become publicly charged within five years of entering the United States
  • Individuals who have been denied asylum by an immigration judge

Understanding Deportation and Removal Defense Strategies

When you choose Toro Law as your immigration law firm, we will begin by discussing your case and going over all available options. Some of the strategies we may be able to use in your deportation case include:

  • Applying for asylum
  • Applying for cancellation of removal
  • Requesting a custody hearing and bond redetermination
  • Seeking documentation for criminal convictions or fraud
  • Making a case for hardship
  • Applying for permanent U.S. residency
  • Applying for Relief as a Battered Spouse
  • Applying for a U-Visa

To learn more about how we handle deportation and removal cases for individuals in Illinois and Texas, contact experienced deportation attorney Moises Briseño and Associates at Toro Law immediately to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. Our attorneys speak fluent English and Spanish and are prepared to fight for your right to stay in the country today.